Service orientated fast paced photography services.

Our  service ensures that we capture the best Images for your guests, whilst increasing the profitability of your grotto by the service we provide.

We are quick , flexible and can achieve any photographic challenge.

What photography souvenirs do we produce?

Any souvenir product that holds a photo. 

Chester Events supply a range of established photo souvenirs, successful retail pricing and discount packages.

Christmas Grotto photography souvenirs



How does it work?

DLSR cameras, thermal printing technology & tailor-made software produce high-quality photo souvenirs fast and efficiently. 

Christmas Grotto Photography Hire


 Grotto photography is a fast paced, art and needs photographers who can ensure the best most sellable photo is taken. Contact us to get your grotto photography booked in.



Our instant print on site means before they’ve finished with Santa their photos are available to look at. we can also automate the photography shoot, for those grotto’s that are smaller.

christmas3 We can do everything for your grotto, from overlayed prints with your venues details. online competitions for the best family photo, to drive traffic to your website. get in touch to discuss all we can do for you. We can even supply Santa’s for you!christmas4